Fabulous Sandwich

I know that many of you believe that Santa Barbara doesn’t have winter. But we do. Maybe not raging blizzards, but we get our fair share of rain (in the good years), and the temperature does drop. The sun doesn’t rise quite as high in the sky, which means that swaths of our garden beds don’t get direct sunlight in these winter months. The soil also can get cold, and stay wet with repeated storms. All of this adds up to plants that just don’t want to grow very fast, and seeds that huddle in the soil, not quite ready to germinate.

All of that changed last week with the beautiful weather that came upon us in paradise. Perfect 70 degree days and warm abundant sunshine brought out the best in all of us, and those seeds have been popping up left and right in the garden! Spring does come early in Santa Barbara, and it is awesome to witness its transformative powers in my own backyard. One of my favorite parts of the day is coming home from a trail run in the morning and wandering the yard with my watering can, checking in on all these plants in my circle of friends.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking in inspiration for fabulous sandwiches. One was here, and the other here, on Muddy Footsteps. Another a friend made over the weekend while camping in Joshua Tree. And tonight, I finally managed to put it all together and make my own fabulous, vegan sandwich.

I absolutely love all of these ingredients on their own. But together they create a delicious symphony in your mouth, leaving you feeling completely satisfied and licking your fingers. These ingredients can of course be swapped for your own tastes and what you have available. But I think the components need to include something creamy, some greens, sprouts, and at least one roasted vegetable. Good luck, and may you be inspired!

How to make a fabulous vegan sandwich

Split a ciabatta roll in half, and toast lightly (or not at all, if its very fresh). Layer ingredients in a similar order as below.

Bottom to top, left side:

Hummus (I used a dill mint variety from the farmer’s market)

Roasted butternut squash (mashed up)

Thin slices of baked tofu (I like Trader Joe’s teriyaki flavor)

Roasted bell pepper (I prefer yellow, orange, and red, never green)

Bottom to top, right side:

Avocado, mashed up


Sundried tomatoes, julienned in oil


Lettuce leaf

Slap together and enjoy (warning: VERY MESSY!)

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