Eat-Very-Local-Challenge: Day One, Smashed Potatoes

Last night we had our Last Supper: clean-out-your-non-local-food potluck and last-chance-to-eat-chocolate brownies with our group. We also did our first trade, which I mostly failed to capture on film. But it was a lot of fun to lay out each of our goods and start sharing. I did take a picture of our spread: spaghetti squash, pumpkins, canned apricots and pickles, guavas, walnuts, frozen fava beans, tomatoes,eggs, corn, limes, and grapefruits (by way of our awesome friend Nancy).

In exchange, we got: frozen plums, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas (Mark’s neighbor has a tree); oranges, dilly beans, apples, patty pan squash, onions, honey, avocados, lemons, and freshly caught rockfish. That’s right: fish. Katie and Ben went fishing yesterday and came back with a huge load. I cooked the fish tonight for dinner –  sauteed simply in olive oil with salt and pepper. I’m pretty sure it was the best fish I’ve ever eaten.

So far the biggest challenge for me has been sorting through all my ideas of what to cook. I’m constantly thinking about what I can make, and I haven’t quite figured out the best way to record my thoughts (and then actually make it to my kitchen). Today I made a batch of kale chips, soaked acorns (hopefully for acorn flour), started pea and pumpkin seed sprouts, dehydrated and then pulverized corn (cornmeal?), made smoothies for breakfast and smashed potatoes for dinner. Oh yeah – and biked to/from work. According to my running schedule, this was my easy day!

Here’s what I ate today:


Green Smoothie for two (1 orange, 1 small avocado, 8 pineapple guavas, ½ banana, 2 plums, 1 ½ celery stalks, 1 big scallop squash, 3 cups kale, 1 juiced lime), ½ grapefruit


Spaghetti squash with roasted tomato sauce, green beans, bell pepper, fried eggs, roasted squash seeds


1 grapefruit, 1 ½ apples, 1 carrot, pickles, 1 orange, dilly beans, 1 small avocado, cherry tomatoes


Sauteed rock fish, smashed potatoes and roasted tomato sauce, sautéed broccoli with lemon, canned apricots in honey syrup

Smashed Potatoes

(There are many recipes out there, but here’s an easy one from 101 Cookbooks)

New potatoes (however many you want to make – leave the skin on)

Olive oil, salt, pepper

Rosemary or other herbs, finely chopped

Place the potatoes in a large saucepan. Add a teaspoon of salt and cover with water. Bring the water to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat and cook at a low boil until they are tender enough to slide a knife in easily ~10-12 minutes. Drain the potatoes, and heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Smash each potato with the bottom of a heavy glass. Season with salt and pepper and cook until crisp, and then turn and cook the other side. Sprinkle with fresh herbs (I used rosemary), salt and pepper.

One thought on “Eat-Very-Local-Challenge: Day One, Smashed Potatoes

  1. Jennifer says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing Charity. I’m excited to hear what each day will bring!!! Congrats on an awesome start to your eat local challenge!

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