Eat Very Local Challenge: Day Seven, Potato Egg scramble

Well here’s the short version: WE DID IT. We managed to eat very locally for seven full days. It was definitely not easy, but it truthfully wasn’t that hard either. I feel like I still have ideas left to continue on for another few days at least – if not as much variety in ingredients as when we first started. The weekend was a bit of a struggle to maintain motivation – I was tired of spending so much time in the kitchen, and thinking about what to eat next. Not to mention, I was unusually sore after my 20-miler on Saturday, and ready to add some more variety to our plates.

Yesterday all I could think about was “what will I eat tomorrow?” There wasn’t anything in particular I craved, but just the thought of free choice was really nice. However, after our group dinner last night I felt full and satisfied, and re-inspired to continue on with the Eat Local Challenge (100-mile radius, with some exceptions) for the rest of the month. The richness of braised goat, smoky vegetarian chili, three types of roasted squash (kabocha won out for flavor in my book – though smashing the 13 lb blue hubbard beast was a definite highlight yesterday!), and a swirl of mulberry blood orange mead for dessert. I think this week was a positive experience for all of us, and I’m looking forward to the ripples this week will create in my own outlook (and hopefully inspiration for others).

What I ate yesterday:


Green smoothie (kale, blueberries, plums, banana, amaranth, lime)

Second Breakfast

Potato Egg Scramble (potatoes, eggs, roasted tomatoes and green chile, onions)


Leftovers salad (millet, zucchini noodles, fava beans, corn, beans, roasted green chile, butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, cabbage)


Oranges, grapefruit, sapote, pickles, tomatoes, avocado

Group Dinner

Vegetarian Chili, Millet/amaranth, roasted hubbard squash, pumpkin and kabocha, braised goat, potato and summer vegetable pie (potato, roasted peppers tomatoes, eggplant and onion), slow-cooked zucchini, pesto, avocado

Matt made a version of this potato egg dish on Saturday for me after my run, and I tweaked it just a bit with the addition of peppers, onion and tomatoes to move it into the home fries realm. I boiled the potatoes the night before, so it was a snap to put together after our Sunday run.

Potato Egg Scramble

2 cups parboiled potatoes, chopped into 1/2″ pieces

2 roasted green chiles, chopped

6-8 roasted tomatoes (or sun-dried would work great too)

1/4-1/2 onion, diced

4-5 eggs, beaten

Saute the onion over medium heat in a medium frying pan. Add the potatoes after just a few minutes, then add in the tomatoes and pepper. Once its all hot and slightly brown, scoot it over to the side of the pan and add the eggs. Cook gently til done, then mix all together and serve with a grind of pepper and salt. Top with avocado or pesto if you have it.

3 thoughts on “Eat Very Local Challenge: Day Seven, Potato Egg scramble

  1. Chryss says:

    Very inspiring! Thanks for taking the time to document all this and share with the rest of us. It’s also good to get a second vote for kabocha–it gets my vote too.

  2. Leigh says:

    Well done! Your menus have looked fantastic over the past week. Sadly I doubt if I could get half as much variety from what grows around London!

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