Wow, here we are: a month after my last post! To say I got burned out on gardening would be an understatement. I knew it was coming (like, back in August) but managed to hold on until our fantastic Challenge week was over. I approached these last few months like I would a long distance race: even though your body is already hurting by mile 18, you dig a little deeper and manage to keep going for another 12 (or 32).

After October 8, I had a complete meltdown in terms of the garden. I hardly go out there or think about what to harvest. I’ve just barely been motivated to cook. And vegetables? Yeah yeah, I know I need to eat them. But I kind of don’t care which ones, they don’t really excite me. I’m mostly picking kale for smoothies, and making sure the last of the tomatoes and peppers don’t go to waste.

I’m (not really) sad to say that we didn’t finish out Eat Local Month. Asides from all the above reasons, it just seemed silly to go stock my cupboards with only local ingredients, when it was still stocked with lots of other food that I haven’t gotten around to eating (you know the type: bulk bin purchases, frozen items, etc). So instead I’ve been focusing on whittling down that stash. It might not be exciting, but that’s where I’m at right now.

I have managed to do a few canning projects though. One of my friends from the Challenge week had a crate full of club-sized zucchinis, so we’ve made endless quarts and pints of both dill and bread-and-butter zucchini pickles. I also made batches of tomato basil jam and green chile jam. Head start on Christmas presents, I say!

The one exciting garden harvest from the last week was our first pomegranate. The tree isn’t overly loaded this year, but its got a few good-sized fruits on it.

No recipes here… hopefully I’ll be re-energized soon and gain back my excitement about vegetables!


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