Cashew Milk Creamer

Cashew milk creamer. #plantbased #wholefoods #ditchthedairy

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After spending months cutting dairy out of my regular diet, I still couldn’t kick my half-and-half-in-my-coffee habit. Almond and soy milk didn’t have the same mouth-feel, and all the plant-based creamers in the stores have extra gunk/preservatives in them (which is why I started making almond milk, now a habit that requires hardly any thought at all).

I do love a good drop of creaminess in my coffee though, so this past fall it occurred to me that if I’m making almond milk from scratch, surely somewhere on the internet there’s a good recipe for a plant-based creamer. Luckily there was, and I could finally say good-bye to half-and-half!

We still have dairy once in awhile. Hayden will eat as much goat cheese as he’s given access to. But since 90% of the food we consume is in our own house, I’ve made the decision to keep my kitchen plant-based and sugar-free. (That way, if we encounter cheese when we’re out with friends, it isn’t that big a deal.)

This cashew milk creamer is decadent and delicious, but it does require a good shake before you pour it (and a few stirs as you drink your beverage to redistribute the creaminess). Enjoy!

Find the recipe and instructions here.

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