See the Gardens

September 26, 2012: Here are the most recent photos of our growing space. Its a little scraggly right now, since it is between growing seasons.

Back Garden – peppers and watermelon in the foreground

Front garden from the east: potatoes-in-straw experiment on the right, tomato forest on the left behind the mammoth zucchini

Front garden from the west: the tall purple plants are amaranth

Corn Patch on the left, crack-climbing training on the right. We tried the Three Sisters planting of corn, beans, and squash



Before gardenOctober 2006 – when Matt bought the house. The area with the swingset became our first garden site. We had two gardens here with slightly raised soil beds.

Just Built BedsLate March, 2009 – Matt built these gorgeous raised beds! they are 4′ x 12′ x 12″h, and filled with a mixture of soil, our compost, and horse manure. You can see some potato plants in the triangle-shaped patch of dirt in the front (with ledger bricks surrounding the baby plants so I wouldn’t step on them)

Garden 4-7-09April 7, 2009 – Just planted! You are looking north in this photo, so it gets relatively good sunlight throughout the day.

IMG_3985_5-11-09May 11, 2009 – the spaghetti squash are starting to extend their vines towards the potato plants

5-18-09May 18, 2009 – filled out considerably! Right bed: Yellow squash, beets, honeylopes, corn/beans in the back. Middle bed: Bell peppers, eggplant, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes. Left bed: Bell peppers, eggplant, spaghetti & butternut squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes.

5-27-09May 27, 2009 – notice the squash on the left creeping into the aisle, making it hard to get to the back part of the beds…

IMG_4271_6-8-09June 8, 2009 – pretty much impossible to get to the tomatoes on the left- I bet there are all kinds of things going on back there!

6-11-09June 11, 2009

6-15-09June 15, 2009 – notice the squash vines on the left creeping around!

6-18-09June 18, 2009 – the corn is really shooting high these days too!

6-26-09June 26, 2009


Front yard 1July 2008 – we replaced about half of the (dying) lawn in the front yard with a sandstone raised bed, stepping stones, and the mulch ground cover. The raised bed has the usual mix of horse manure, compost, and dirt.

Landscape projectAnother view of the front yard

planted landscapeAugust 2008 – we filled in the landscaping with drought tolerant grasses and native plants.

Filled outFebruary 2009 – Artichoke plants in the foreground, lettuce and broccoli further back in the bed.

18Looking back the other way – as you can tell, we had a lot of lettuce to eat!

IMG_4207June 5, 2009 – Artichokes have been cut back. Tomatoes, green beans, sunflowers, broccoli…more variety in the garden.

6-26-09June 26, 2009 – Artichokes are growing back, sunflowers are blooming


3 thoughts on “See the Gardens

  1. Steph says:

    Nice pics Char! of course I’d rather play in your garden and cook with you in person,but it is still fun to see the pics and read your cute comments. Nice work!

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